31 March, 2014

How I stopped binge eating for good!

Since I was a child, I struggled under-eating and then overeating as a teen. When I was in elementary school, I would skip lunch because I wanted to lose weight and when I finally decided to eat, I'd eat something small like a sandwich and a handful of grapes. I was not full blown anorexic but I was scared that if I ate too much, I'd become fat. 

Then as a teen I would come home and eat whatever I could find as a way to cope with depression and loneliness. One of the ways that I've managed to stop comfort eating was that I stopped making food something that I turned to when I was hurting. Watch the video below to see more of my tips! 

By the way, I just reached 3000 subscribers on youtube! Thanks for all the love and support. You all really make me feel like I can accomplish anything! 

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15 March, 2014

Weight loss questions answered

 I asked a few people on facebook what types of questions they would like me to answer concerning weight loss. I'll most likely have to followup with this post/video in the future but I wanted to keep it under 10 questions so it wouldn't be too long. 

I answered these questions in the video above: 
  1. What was the hardest part in the beginning?
  2. How do you stick to eating healthy? 
  3. Will my breasts get smaller with weight loss?
  4.  Did your friends distance themselves/treat you differently after you lost weight? 
  5.  Do you need a gym membership to lose weight?

Hopefully these answered your questions! If you'd like to know anything else, leave a comment under the video!

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